About the TravelSpirit Foundation

The TravelSpirit Foundation was established in Manchester, UK, in 2016 to provide an open framework to ensure that new integrated mobility services are universally accessible.

To successfully achieve our ambitious aims for the emerging mobility sphere – within the UK and across the globe – we set out to build a global network of transport operators, software developers, businesses, policy makers, planners and activists across the mobility and technology sectors.

Naturally, this global network is diverse, featuring a range of entities with different aims and objectives, but we are united by a shared vision for open and accessible mobility. This vision is underpinned by four core values:

  1. Universal Mobility as a Service: We believe that an integrated, connected, multi-modal MaaS system provides the path to sustainable and equitable transportation for all.
  1. Open Innovation: We believe in an open innovation model, that rewards sharing of information that serves others, even our competitors, and brings benefits to all.
  1. Global Community: We believe that by connecting coders, planners, activists, and policy-makers through a global network, we are better equipped to tackle the toughest mobility and transport challenges.
  1. Local Benefit: We believe that our work must be grounded in its ability to demonstrate positive change by and for local communities and regions.

TravelSpirit is championing open collaboration in the emergence of new mobility services and the evolution of an Internet of Mobility as a critical public resource for evolving Mobility as a Service and Connected & Autonomous Vehicle eco-systems.

Growing our Community

We are actively recruiting partners and funders to develop and deploy the Internet of Mobility for global, accessible Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAV).

To start on the road of building the Internet of Mobility, the TravelSpirit Foundation curates travelspirit.io, a global community resource of infrastructure, networks and code.

Our Team – Executive Board

Chair – Simon Ho

CEO – Giles Bailey

CTO – Jeremy Dalton

COO – Beate Kubitz

Our Team – UK Project Board

Director of Federated APIs – Chris Lane

Director of Consultancy Services – James Gleave

Director of Mobility Accounts – Derek Halden

Director of Community and Inclusion – Neil Brown

General Board Member – Maria Kamargianni

Our Team – Associates

Vice President for Asia Pacific – Li Yao

Chair of Northern Italian Project Board – Stefano Mainero

Context Strategist- Laura Trevail

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