Open Mobility Conference 2019

TravelSpirit Foundation and the MaaS Alliance announce Open Mobility Conference 2019

New Brussels conference will examine how to build an open ecosystem of mobility and lay the foundations for seamless Mobility as a Service (MaaS)…join us for our unique day event on 11th April 2019.
  • How can we create new mobility services that can be easily deployed, scaled and integrated seamlessly with existing provision?
  • What does an open ecosystem and Internet of Mobility look like and what opportunities does it create?
  • Why is openness so important?
These are the questions on the table at the Open Mobility Conference 2019. This one day conference, in Brussels on 11th April, will bring together innovators, disruptive thinkers, transport authorities, mobility operators, technology providers and infrastructure developers in a unique co-creative environment to start building answers these questions.

We will consider how we ensure MaaS is developed in a way that is inclusive, sustainable and helps tackle climate change.  Participants will consider the transformations to corporate mindset, public policy, investment climate and transport regulations needed to support this development. 

This exciting and progressive event will gather inspiring examples from diverse elements of the transport industry – automotive, airline, travel, logistics, taxi and public transport.

The conference participants will look at the elements and structure of open ecosystems to overcome the barriers to seamless travel and freedom of movement. 

The journey towards an open ecosystem of mobility starts with the Open Mobility Conference 2019 – pre-register now!

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