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We are a not-for-profit community and organisation that helps people working in the field of voluntary, public and private transportation to work together for a better tomorrow. We connect coders, planners, activists, and policy-makers through a global network. We provide research, advocacy, event organisation and business support services.

Through open source technology, collaborative commercial partnerships, and trusted data systems, our mission is to realise both the pro-social and economic potential of new transport paradigms, such as “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS) and a future world of “Connected & Autonomous Vehicles” (CAV). In doing so we believe we can create a more resilient, sustainable, and connected world.

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the open Internet of Mobility

Transport is changing. New technology is making it possible to integrate public transport, shared bikes, car sharing, hire and on demand travel services, giving people and communities accessible and personalised travel choices: the Open Internet of Mobility.

The open Internet of Mobility is a global digital commons that enables the full benefits of new transport modes, software and information streams to be locked-in for the public good.

Built on open source and blockchain architecture, this framework will enable transport providers to compete in a transparent market that is truly focused on providing customer-centric services to anyone and everyone.

transparent and global

Our governance model and decision-making is balanced and inclusive. Following a “think global – act local” approach we are governed by a Global Executive Board, that guides the administration of the organisation, in collaboration with Regional Market Projects Boards, an Affiliate Partner Programme, and individual members.

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News items

An Open Future for Cities – Whitepaper 8

Preparing cities for the necessary transformation and organisational changes needed for an open future In the midst of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the UK’s TravelSpirit Foundation Executive team organised an Open Mobility Conference in Brussels, April 2019, to spearhead long overdue public and corporate policy developments for a new open paradigm for city transportation. As …

Open mobility – without cooperation we’re going nowhere fast

After the Open Mobility Conference TravelSpirit publishes city and industry case studies to facilitate open collaborative mobility. Use the link below or #Open Mobility to navigate the case studies. Why publish these now? Technology already exists to make it possible for people to have a single transport account enabling them to use the train, hire …


Our Services to Community Members

Around the world new ways of providing mobility are appearing in our towns and cities. At the same time, rapid adoption of mobile internet access is creating new business models and service offerings that change the way we access and utilise transport.

Recently, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) have emerged from within this exciting frontier to offer travellers a powerful new alternative to car ownership. These technology trends can enable  customers and communities a choice of mobility packages, using a range of suitable transport options, all linked through an integrated and seamless user experience.

Developing MaaS and CAV Eco-Systems

Public transport will form the backbone of any robust MaaS and CAV eco-system. If we allow our public transport services to be casualties of digital disruption, it will be very difficult in the future to rebuild these services in a viable and effective manner.

We also recognise that the transport situation in our largest cities such as London, or Paris or Barcelona, is very different from the regional towns and cities, in the UK and around the world. Outside of these very large cities, the set of alternatives – to private car use – are often insufficiently attractive and limited.

Therefore, we are taking steps to help regional town and cities incubate and develop their MaaS eco-systems.We have developed a new Openness Index Tool to assess the openness of a transport system, and shape mobility service development in that town or city, to enable them to offer the maximum social and environmental benefit.

Open Innovation Programmes

Creating an environment of boundless creativity is highly challenging for large and hierarchical institutions. This poses a particular problem for governments, companies, and organisations that wish to support open innovation.

As one of our four core values, open innovation is central to everything we do at TravelSpirit. We established the TravelSpirit Open Innovation Programme framework to capture and magnify the value generated by our community projects and accelerate them for maximum impact.

Our Open Innovation Programme framework is designed to generate resilient solutions to known mobility challenges. We shepherd innovative ideas through a project pipeline that leverages experience, skills exchange, open source tools and assets from the TravelSpirit community.

Business Support

Our core business support offer, provided through our TravelSpirit Affiliate Network, includes:

  • Supporting the development of open business models. This includes identifying components of technology that make more commercial sense to development in the open.
  • Provision of market intelligence, technical knowledge, best practice and strategic foresight, tailored to your business goals and challenges.Designing training sessions, workshops, accelerator programmes and events.
  • Facilitating commercial collaboration, including relevant agreements and procurement platforms, to enable MaaS implementation for a target town or city.
  • Promotion & Active Management/Governance of open source code assets.
  • Organisation Development support to transform and align your organisation to best capture MaaS market growth opportunities.
  • Identifying and building talent within your business who can spearhead innovation in MaaS. Integrate with organisation succession plans.

Advocacy and Thought Leadership

TravelSpirit is leading the debate and setting the agenda for realising the full pro-social and economic potential of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAV).

By championing open collaboration and the Internet of Mobility we believe we can grow the new mobility market ‘pie’ at an accelerated rate, for the benefit of all participating cities, communities and companies.

We provide community members the following specific benefits:

  • Representing and promoting members’ interests  – as long as they are in line with our core values.
  • Market creation activities for MaaS.
  • Raising political, regulatory and market awareness of the role and value of MaaS.
  • Setting the MaaS agenda globally, including thought-leadership collaboration with your organisation on whitepapers, articles and research.

Engagement and Networking

The Mobility as a Service “industry” has yet to form, and Connected & Autonomous Vehicles are also in their infancy. We can provide your organisation an effective means of keeping up to speed on latest developments, shape your offer, and build new b2b and b2g relationships. This includes:

  • Access to the leading global network and forum for organisations interested in MaaS, how to adopt it, how to develop solutions etc.
  • Close involvement in market leading events, conferences, business networking organised by the only organisation completely MaaS-focused.
  • Access to a global network of MaaS thinkers and doers.
  • Opportunity to fund a position on our Global Executive and Regional Project Boards.

Routes to Market

In the UK, TravelSpirit Foundation is already proving effective, with the support of its UK Regional Project Board, in developing the local and regional MaaS eco-systems of Greater Manchester, West Midlands and Exeter.

Our community-first approach creates the ideal platform for fostering the local partnerships between third-sector, public sector and private sector necessary to launch new products and services into a community.

We can provide members the following specific benefits:

  • New business opportunities and supporting business development activity.
  • Access to the TravelSpirit membership directory.
  • Promotion of apps and services on TravelSpirit.io.
  • Exclusive partnering on collaborative R&D projects.
  • Close engagement with your Regional Project Board (currently strongest in UK).
  • Support in developing into wider European, Asia-Pacific and North American markets.

About us

About the TravelSpirit Foundation

The TravelSpirit Foundation was established in Manchester, UK, in 2016 to provide an open framework to ensure that new integrated mobility services are universally accessible.

To successfully achieve our ambitious aims for the emerging mobility sphere – within the UK and across the globe – we set out to build a global network of transport operators, software developers, businesses, policy makers, planners and activists across the mobility and technology sectors.

Naturally, this global network is diverse, featuring a range of entities with different aims and objectives, but we are united by a shared vision for open and accessible mobility. This vision is underpinned by four core values:

  1. Universal Mobility: We believe that an integrated, connected, multi-modal transport system provides the path to sustainable and equitable transportation for all.
  1. Open Innovation: We believe in an open innovation model, that rewards sharing of information that serves others, even our competitors, and brings benefits to all.
  1. Global Community: We believe that by connecting coders, planners, activists, and policy-makers through a global network, we are better equipped to tackle the toughest mobility and transport challenges.
  1. Local Benefit: We believe that our work must be grounded in its ability to demonstrate positive change by and for local communities and regions.

TravelSpirit is championing open collaboration in the emergence of new mobility services and the evolution of an Internet of Mobility as a critical public resource for evolving Mobility as a Service and Connected & Autonomous Vehicle eco-systems.

setting the standard by example

TravelSpirit flagship projects demonstrate how open source solutions work together to create sustainable and equitable transport for a better tomorrow. They enable us to demonstrate how projects driven locally can build a future transport system that is a global public resource, open and accessible to all.

Growing our Community

We are actively recruiting partners and funders to develop and deploy the Internet of Mobility for global, accessible Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAV).

To start on the road of building the Internet of Mobility, the TravelSpirit Foundation curates travelspirit.io, a global community resource of infrastructure, networks and code.

Global Executive Board

Chair: Simon Ho

CEO: Giles Bailey

COO: Beate Kubitz

Executive Director: James Gleave

EB Advisories: Alex Burrows,  Jeremy DaltonLucy Yu

Regional Board Chairs

ASEAN – Pieter Fourie

Europe – Stefano Mainero

North America – Crissy Ditmore

South Africa – Justin Coetzee

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TravelSpirit Foundation curates a community of interest to further our social, environmental and economic objectives and to embed our core values in the global transportation eco-system.

We have structured our membership fees to be as inclusive as possible, while ensuring that the cost of our core operations are covered.

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